What happens during the first days of a long (in my case 9 months) study abroad trip? So many things happen that it’s hard to keep track. If you are responsible for finding your own flat – it’ll be stressfull and you’ll have to go to viewings, and hope people will like you, and wish that your potential roommates are decent people. Also, you may or may not be hoping to find new friends at your brand new, temporary university. All these unknowns may give you a great rush of energy. However, they take their toll and may cause you a few sleepless nights as well.

Afterwards, once you have a place to live in and you know your way around town, then as you come down from the initial rush, you may become nostalgic of the home you’ve left behind. The people, the town, the life. Sure, it’s all temporary and yo can always keep in touch thanks to the amazing Internet but all those rational thoughts may not be able to convince you to let go of the nostalgia.

Lastly, (because this post is meant to be full of images rather than words) stress and a new environment may pose a threat to your health. Make sure you treat your body well and you’ll start to feel better soon. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

                         *                                                 *                                                 *

     Here is my one-week-long ErasmusPlus experience in a nutshell.

     Getting to know the campus, meeting up with people, and admiring the number of fun student societies that exist.

Seen here is the Potter society who organized a small game of Quidditch.


          And here’s another campus shot.


          Discovering Galway city on foot is the way to go.


Boats, boats, boats! Boats.


Wandering away from the city center is a must as well.


I went jogging along the seaside. It was great, however, now I’m sick. Still worth it!


After all:


Where has ErasmusPlus taken you? How are you adapting to your new environment? Old and new Erasmus students, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Cheers!


Surviving your first week

4 thoughts on “Surviving your first week

      • Not a chance – you may have have the best seeker in the world (Krum), but it takes more than one person to make a brilliant Quidditch team! :)



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