The ideal roommate

My ad reads as follows:

“25-year-old female student looking for a room(mate) for the period September 1, 2014 – May 15, 2015. I am friendly, quiet, and tidy. I plan on focusing most of my time on my studies, and on exploring the country”.

I am looking for a roommate, a sane individual who has boundaries and respects those of others. I expect honesty. I do not want drama.

The ideal roommate would, first and foremost, know when not to meddle in her roommates’ business. Boundaries are important.

The ideal roommate would be a creative person who would sometimes watch Woody Allen or Wes Anderson movies with me, drink wine/cider/whatever and be fun to chat with.

The ideal roommate would keep her religious beliefs to herself. The ideal roommate would not guilt me into letting her borrow my clothes or shoes all the time.

The ideal roommate would not be passive aggressive if I’ve forgotten to wash the dishes. I will gladly take a friendly reminder, though. I tend to be a bit absent-minded when it comes to noticing some things. Talk to me on time, don’t bottle in any emotions, and, above all, be honest.

The ideal roommate would never forget that she has her own life and I my own. We are just temporarily sharing a flat together, we don’t need to become best friends. If we do – even better but forcing it never works out.

The ideal roommate would value silence, especially in that terrifying morning period before I’ve had the chance to take a sip from my coffee.


The inspiring Captain Janeway.  Gif from:

At the end of the day, noone is perfect. We set our standards so high that we end up being let down. What is truly disappointing is that the fault is in us, in our own expectations. It is a disheartening thing to realize but it is true. I have found that lowering my expectations a bit goes a long way. Maybe it can help you too. If not, coffee always helps. It really does.



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